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Tutorials Page.

Everything you need for classroom training or self-study.

The tutorials on this page are free.

They can be used for your own personal use, or for club trainers to deliver for their own clubs.

This, from a trainer called Reg, leaves little doubt of his enthusiasm:

"The course is very well received, students sitting there with their mouths open, silent in awe! Lecturer notes are excellent. We are all having a ball."

"I can't fault your work at all, it's tops my friend. You have worked hard on the project ... we shall make sure you get the reward, at least from us anyhow."

This, from one of Reg's students, confirms his position:

"All I have to do is learn how to use it, I'm excited. Reg gave us a taste of what could be done today, can't wait for next week's lesson! Many thanks, Dawn"

There is absolutely no charge whatsoever for their use, we just ask that you inform us if you start using them for club purposes. This is primarily so we can keep you informed of developments, but also so we can make sure you get all the discounts. If we can supply any further assistance to those adopting club training just let us know.

They are designed for those who have only minimal expertise with both windows and digital photography. There are 8 lessons of approximately 1 hour each, in addition to which we recommend you insert another 2 sessions (after the 4th and 8th) to cover revision, questions and discussion. In addition to the lessons, there are also lecturer notes.

Option 1 - Printable version, classroom discussion or student handout Option 2 - Electronic version in Compiled Help Manual (".chm") format. Normal font. Personal use. Option 3 - Electronic version in Compiled Help Manual (".chm") format for. Large font. Projector use.

The links below will open in separate browser windows for your convenience.

Print direct from your browser rather than downloading.

Prior to printing, we suggest you do the following:

  • go through the "File - page setup" to set paper size, margins and headers and footers.
  • If you want page numbering, put "&p;" in the footer line - this is also a good place to put the course title. Suitable titles for the course might include for example "Your Digital Shoebox", "Digital Memories" or "Shoebox Photography".
  • Leave a reasonably large top margin and you can print the tutorials on your own club's letterhead.
  • It is worth doing a "File - Print preview" before actually printing to make sure everything is set up ok. (You will not see the page breaks otherwise).

Lecturer notes for sessions 1 - 4

1: Intro to Digital Photography

2: Intro to DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff.

3: Scanning

4: Printing

Revision, Catchups and Questions

5: Adjusting without destroying

6: More adjustments

7: Cataloging

8: Managing your collection

Revision, Catchups and Questions


Printable version of the help file

To download an electronic version in Compiled Help Manual (".chm") format click below.This is primarily for self-study but could also be given to students to reinforce classroom work.

It is the same format as most modern "help files", with table of contents, lots of pictures and forward/back buttons. Ideal for studying at the pc.


To download an electronic version in Compiled Help Manual (".chm") format click below. This is a large font version suitable either for personal use where larger fonts are needed, or for an overhead / data projector in the classroom.

If you are using an overhead projector, you may customise the appearance of the pages by adding your own club's logo to each page.

To do so, simply place a jpeg file of your logo, approximately 100 pixels square, in the root directory ("C:") of the PC running the display.

The file should be called "/logo.jpg" and will automatically be displayed if present.


"DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff - from image viewer to collection manager" is a Thistle Cottage Software product.
Copyright 2005 all rights reserved.