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Image manipulation, viewing and collection management software
Created by Colin Pike – “Thistle Cottage Software”.

Downloads Page

DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff is approximately 3.5 mbytes to download.

When the download is finished, just double-click the file (/install.exe) and it will automatically install and guide you through the setup process.

It's the same process if you're upgrading - no need to delete or uninstall first.

Tutorials will guide you, if you wish, at your own pace, through the basics of using doneatthingswithyourstuff - just click the '?' when you're running it.

To download, either to upgrade or for a 15 day free trial, just click here - START DOWNLOAD NOW

If you have any difficulties at all just drop us an email & we'll be happy to help you out - [email protected]

"DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff - from image viewer to collection manager" is a Thistle Cottage Software product.
Copyright 2004 all rights reserved.