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A few Miscellaneous Links: (these will open in separate browser windows for your convenience)

  • Where's Glen Innes?? At the northern end of NSW, Australia lies the small but nonetheless interesting town of Glen Innes - one of the highest (and therefore coldest) towns in Oz. Originally settled by Scottish pastoralists and Cornish tin-miners around 1850 "Glen" (as it is affectionately known by the locals) is, amongst other things, the home of Thistle Cottage Software (that's us) and also the Standing Stones - scene of the annual Australian Celtic festival and various haggis-hurling and bagpipe-strangling events throughout the year ("Glen" is frequently referred to as the Celtic capital of Australia). Click here to find out more.

  • Be sure to look up the ever popular "Spirit of the Glen". This fine celtic folk trio woo audiences wherever they play with their ability to keep feet tapping with their jigs and reels, eyes watering with their ballads, and bellies wobbling with their humour! You might even find a rare copy of their first CD - "Standing Stones - the CD"

  • Have you been to the Australian Photographic Society Website )??

  • If you run, work at or visit a swimming pool you may well be interested in the services provided by Macquatics Training. Training for the entire swim centre team (lifequards, groundsfolk, cleaners, instructors, managers, and everybody else) on everything you need to know about pool management and safety, delivered on site. Visit the MacquaticsTraining website.

  • Interested in natural therapies based on muscle, tendon and ligament realignment? Visit Beverley's "BatesTherapy" website.

  • For films, theatre and the arts in Glen Innes visit the Glen Innes Arts Council website. Learn about the chapel theatre, a superb venue and a model for community-run theatre/cinemas, and the longest running Arts Council (established in 1944).

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