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this is Colin Pike
Elegant and original computer software to help you view,
adjust, catalog, find, share and enjoy your photos.
Created by Colin Pike – “Thistle Cottage Software”.

Our email address - [email protected]

Current version is v5.9a, released 29 October 2005
Our awards:
Top rating from many shareware sites including Tucows, Popular Shareware, Bills Software Picks, File hungry, File transit, AFreeGo, download2u, FileHeaven, Shareware River, ProgramURL and TopShareware
Not bad eh!
screen pic Designed for anyone building a collection of digital photos, DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff will help you to get the very best out of your collection, whether from your digital camera or scanned photos. Here's a couple of its standout features (oh and, by the way, they make DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff unique) :
  1. DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff makes childsplay of classifying and searching your entire collection - whether on your pc or spread over hundreds of CDs. In the blink of an eye, find all the photos which contain eg "Johnny",... or "Doris",... or both,... or one without the other,.. or even neither. The possibilities are endless.

  2. DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff not only provides a whole range of easy photo manipulation capabilities, but it actually remembers how you want a picture to look without making you save copies or overwrite the originals. No more having to make multiple copies. No more suffering progressive quality loss. And you can change your mind about any or all of your changes any time later.

  3. DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff reads all common formats and easily performs most common image manipulation and sharing functions (as well as some unique ones).

  4. Tutorials are available for both private study and for trainer/classroom use - free!. They can even be customised to use your own club's letterhead and logos on presentation material. Covering such issues as introduction to digital photography, scanning, printing, manipulation, cataloging and organising, the tutorials come complete with lecture notes, classroom material, exercises and student handouts.

    Click here to find out more about the free "Digital Shoebox" Tutorials. Tutorials

click here to download DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff.
"The ease with which images can be catalogued and retrieved was amazing. The manipulation of images was impressive and, best of all, regardless of the number of transitions carried out in getting the image to the desired result there was no degradation in picture quality as so often happens with other programs." -
Forest News, April 2005
"If you only want one digital photography program in your toolbox - this is it. No question. If you're an advanced user, and want more than one program, make this one of them." -
Colin P
Kev's enthusiasm is hard to miss - "First let me say this is the program i've been looking for. It's great!! Again, GREAT PROGRAM."
From Bob P. - "Love the product."
From Paul. - "Like a fine wine - it just keeps getting better!!"
G.P - "Your product is wonderful."

Fix redeye, one-click auto colorfix, brightness, contrast, colors, histograms, sepia, black/white, zoom/magnify, crop, borders, edging effects, straighten, rotate, 3d rotate, collages, emails, many print options, slideshows, music, commentary, captions, descriptions, keywords, batch functions for changing names, formats and sizes - to name just a few. All without having to change your source photo, or make copies. Change your mind anytime later.

You can download DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff and try it out yourself for 14 days - full function and no obligation.

If you like it and want to keep it, you can pay securely by credit card and you don't need to join anything or sign up for anything.

If you don't like using your credit card online, just email us and we'll make alternative arrangements for you - remember also there is a 25% seniors discount.
click here to download DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff.

"DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff" is a Thistle Cottage Software product.
Copyright 2005 all rights reserved.